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Re: Question to Candidates: Disappearing DPLs?

Le Tue, Mar 16, 2010 at 08:30:03AM +0100, Gerfried Fuchs a écrit :
>         Hi!
>  I have a question to the candidates: History has shown that DPLs more
> or less disappear not too long after their period or at least reduce
> their visible efforts immensly. I wonder where you see the reasons for
> this trend, what your impression is about it and wether you try to
> follow that trend or what you will try to do to not have this happen to
> you, too.

Hi Gerfried,

sorry for taking long to answer. This obviously demonstrates that we are not
always as available as we wished. If after being elected my free time is
strongly and permanently reduced, I will shorten my mandate. But I promise I
will look left and right before crossing a street full of buses :)

It is difficult to add much to what the other candidates and Anthony have
already answered to this question. Being DPL can definitely be a final
achievement that replenishes the energy and thirst for exploring other worlds.

In my case, I think that I am far from having achieved my goals in Debian. When
answering the “10 years” question, I wrote that I think that running Debian
will mean more than just having it on one's destkop computer. I want to
contribute to this adventure, this is why I participate to a Blends project and
more modestly to some efforts for bringing Debian in the Clouds. I think that
this combination, together with backports and snapshots, will be very powerful
in the future. But this also challenges the way we publish our work. One of my
motivations for standing as a DPL is to propose to the Project to expand in
that direction. I think that after a one year term, I will be eager to go back
to my Debian Med activities, and keep on hard work until the harvest.

Have a nice day,

[By the way, I apologise to all the persons who asked quiestions but did not yet
get an answer. As Stefano noted, this campaign is much more intensive than
last year's. This is something that I have not expected.]


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