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Re: Q for all candidates: (Old) Architecture Support

* Yavor Doganov (yavor@gnu.org) [100317 14:55]:
> - mips/mipsel are probably the most hated archs by DDs in the past few
>   months :-), and there's no ironclad way to secure their future too.

First of all, the needs-build queue is almost empty on mipsel (and was
on mips till we lost the hard disk on mayr).

Also, we have new and faster machines. As of writing this I'm
compiling a kernel which will hopefully help us with seeing why we get
our new mips machines dead with 8 hours of compiling packages.

For the mipsel machines, there is a new kernel with
since yesterday night. I hope to have time this week to try if I can
still break the hardware.

If we resolve mips or mipsel, we will have enough ressources to fix
both architectures (because our current machines could run either
flavour). I have the hope that we're not too far away from that.

Of course, if we notice that we won't get new hardware anymore, and
architecture is starting to die. But that's not true for mips and
mipsel as of now.


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