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Re: Questions for all candidates: decentralization of power

Wouter Verhelst wrote:
>> 1) 114 people have commit access to webwml.  Given that version
>> control makes it easy to undo changes, minimizing risk and
>> impact, are there any legitimate reasons why this repository
>> should be restricted to a group any smaller than the whole of
>> gid 800?
> No; and in practice, it is a matter of "ask and get" currently. I.e., if
> you're a Debian Developer, that is all the justification you need to be
> able to get commit access.

It's not quite true that there is absolutely no reason to limit access.
As with most things, there are a some things that someone who wants to edit 
the website needs to be aware of.

Having additional people committed to improving the website would be very 
welcome. Having people randomly stomp over it because they have an idea 
and making chances without being aware of context and e.g. impact on 
translations would be bad.

Note that a lot of the people who currently have access are (non-DD) 

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