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Re: Question for DD candidates: The race against NOTA


On Tue, 16.03.2010 at 22:32:22 -0600, Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@gwolf.org> wrote:
> As per Constitution 5.2.4, the vote should be repeated, as many times
> as needed. Lets just assume it was different: The project has voted
> not to have a leader anymore.
> What would be different if there was no leader? Where would the
> project lose more? Would it gain in some aspect?

I am not a candidate, but I can immediately see that the press would
take the voice of "random DDs" as the voice of the Debian project in
cases when it wants a statement. As we were not unanimous on many
issues in the past, just imagine "what if" one of the people who are no
longer around would have been able to make "official" statements on
behalf of Debian. I bet that this could become quite interesting. ;}

Kind regards,

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