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Re: Question for all candidates: Care of Core infrastructure

On Tue, 16.03.2010 at 01:45:33 +0100, Wouter Verhelst <wouter@debian.org> wrote:
> increasing. By definition, that means the ratio of Debian Developers per
> package has been doing down, and thus also that the core infrastructure
> has less contributors. Having more packages does not necessarily mean
> that only fringe packages are added; useful new software is written all
> the time, and the fact that useful new software is written does not make
> useful old software disappear.

Also, the pure number of packages is not a good indicator for package
quality. There are packages that are almost no-brainers that can be put
together in minutes, and there are packages that require weeks of
effort to create, and more weeks to maintain. There's no problem in
having more "few minutes" packages because they don't really increase
the workload that much.

> I believe the problem is not that less people are interested in Debian's
> core infrastructure; the problem is that less people are interested in
> *Debian*.

I have to agree very much on that.

> We need to work on that. As we say in Dutch, "stilstaan is
> achteruitgaan" -- "standing still is the same as going backwards" -- and

We have the same in German: "Stillstand ist Rueckschritt". I believe
that most languages have a proverb of similar spirit.

> the number of DDs has not been going up for quite a while now.

If it hasn't declined very much, that'd be a good thing already.

> Given the above, I believe the most important task ahead of us is making
> Debian more attractive for users and prospective contributors; that is
> what I intend to work on.

This is a very good idea, imho. On a personal note, really by far the
most people I hear talking about Linux, are talking about Ubuntu and
claim that Debian being unfriendly to the user.

Kind regards,

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