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Re: Question to all Candidates: 2IC

On Sat, 13 Mar 2010, Margarita Manterola wrote:
> There are a bunch listed in my yet-to-be-published platform. But
> just to give an example from the previous mail, I'd like to have a
> page with rankings of people reporting and fixing bugs, in order to
> give some nice Debian merchandise to the ones that help the most,
> but I don't think I'd have the time to organize the whole thing
> myself.

This is actually something that I've been meaning to get to for quite
a while; if there is someone who is interested in working on this
and/or helping me to get it whipped up into shape, I'd appreciate the

[I had asked Steve about this in Argentina, and he was supportive, but
unfortunatly I haven't done anything more about it since then.]

Don Armstrong

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