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Question to all candidates: financing of development


this is a question to all DPL candidates.

Imagine a DD contacts you, she wants to setup an infrastructure to finance
Debian related projects (i.e. paying people to enable them to work on the
projects that they'd like to do for Debian) but she wants to avoid the
main mistakes made during Dunc-Tank; in her project:
- everybody can propose projects to be financed
- the projects to be financed are selected by the Debian developers and
  by the donors
- eligible projects can only concern new developements and not recurring

What advice would you give her?

What other pitfalls from Dunc-Tank must she pay attention to?

Do you have concrete suggestions for her on how it should be working?

Would you encourage her to go forward or would you try to convince her to
forget this idea?

Raphaël Hertzog

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