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Re: Bits from the release team and request for discussion

Anthony Towns dijo [Tue, Aug 11, 2009 at 01:07:33PM +1000]:
> So, with August almost half-way over, I guess the release team's not
> going to be doing much more to seek input from non-key teams/developers.
> I still think it'd be interesting and useful to get broader input,
> though. Something like a choice amongst the following questions by GR
> might work:
> (…)

I basically oppose such a GR, as it is is merely speculative (who
knows _now_ or at the GR voting time when we will be close to
achieving our release goals?), and because it is a ruling on a
technical subject (at least according to some metrics). But if the
vote were to be held at all, I would add:

  6. The Debian project recognizes the responsible team to take any
     decisions regarding the freeze date and reach to be the Release
     Team, and accepts their best judgement in this regard.

BTW, reiterating so much on when Ubuntu is, when DebConf is and all
that... Is just too reiterative, if you allow me to reiterate ;-)


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