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Re: [Amendment] Reaffirm current requirements for GR sponsoring

Kurt Roeckx <kurt@roeckx.be> writes:
> Anyway, there is also this section in the constitution:
>   A.5. Expiry
>    If a proposed resolution has not been discussed, amended, voted on or
>    otherwise dealt with for 4 weeks the secretary may issue a statement
>    that the issue is being withdrawn. If none of the sponsors of any of
>    the proposals object within a week, the issue is withdrawn.
> I'm just not sure when that 4 weeks start.  The discussion period
> is now over, so I could do it 4 weeks from now.  I could also
> interprete it to start from the last discussion on the list which
> seems to be March 27.

I don't think the Expiry clause deals with the minimum discussion
period, but actual discussion (note the wording "discussed"). Thus,
the four week period starts with the last actual -vote post on the
subject matter, in this case currently March 27.

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