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Re: [Amendment] Reaffirm current requirements for GR sponsoring

Ben Finney wrote:
> A second is not a vote. That is, it's not a statement that the person
> prefers that option above all others; it's merely a statement that the
> person prefers that option to appear on the ballot.

Eh, I guess I could have been more obvious than prepending that sentence 
with "Fun!" to indicate that I was making a joke. But if you'd read on, 
you'd have seen that I actually completely agree with you:

! Getting seconds is not a vote. It's a low-level check that there is
! minimum support for an opinion.

Though on reflection maybe "low-level" is not the term I was looking for 
there. I meant to say basic or rough. And "minimum" should maybe have 
been "minimal".
Maybe I'll go read a dictionary tomorrow and brush up on my English (I 
have a nice 1700 page Collins Cobuild here; should keep me occupied for a 
couple of hours).


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