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Re: GR proposal: Do not require listing of copyright holders

In gmane.linux.debian.devel.vote, you wrote:
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> The Debian project hereby resolves that the copyright files of binary
> packages shipped in the distribution are not required to contain an
> accurate and up-to-date listing of copyright holders.
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To be honest, I've no idea when this policy started (it predates my
involvment with ftpteam is as close as I've come) and personally I think
it's time-wasting nonsense.  On the other hand, as I don't know who
instigated it and why, I'm reluctant to ask for it to be changed without
understanding the rationale behind it.

I've therefore asked the DPL to get us legal advice on the minimum
copyright information we should ship in debian/copyright.  Once we get
this, I propose we amend policy to be crystal clear about what we need
(basically, what we can get away with[0]) and then all carry on.

Given this, would you consent to holding off on the GR until the legal
advice is available?



[0] Of course, the project could decide that we want more info than that
for whatever reason, but the point is that it'll be clear at that point
what we *have* to provide.

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