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Re: Proposal: Enhance requirements for General resolutions

> There are some that do not take part in the discussions but vote, there 
> are those who do not even follow debian-vote because they do not feel it 
> is worth the effort, and those that are simply not active at all. I do 
> not have the numbers right now, but IIRC we have had an average of 300 
> to 400 votes in the most controversial disputes recently. In other 
> words, considering the seconds requirement from the 1000-something DDs 
> we count formally is fiction, when less than half of them actually
> participate in the decision process.

There is nothing else that good to use. *I* wouldnt want to write
something like "take the amount of voters for the latest GR/DPL election
to calculate Q". That would be sick. And using the official DD count
does work for all the other parts too, so I see no reason to define
something special now, in fear of "people wont vote".

bye, Joerg
The Debian project,  at least for me,  is not a joke, [...]

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