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Re: Question for DPL Candidates: Debian $$$

Joseph Nahmias wrote:
> Hello Steve, Luk, and Zack!

Hi Joseph

> Having just particpated in the latest SPI board meeting, I've learned
> that The Debian Project currently has over 125k USD in reserve.  This
> amount (even setting aside the recent 30k debconf9 sponsorship by HP)
> seems to be at a point where we as a project should start articulating
> and coming to some agreement on what an appropriate level of reserves
> is, and how (on what) to spend the excess.

Note that SPI is not the only organization holding money for Debian. The
Debian Auditor has recently promised to give a complete picture in the
near future...

> Given that both platforms stress the leadership and communication
> functions of the DPL, and that the DPL is the one specifically empowered
> by the constitution to decide (along with the membership) how that money
> is spent [§5.1.10], I'd like to hear some thoughts from all of the
> candidates on:
>     1 - What is an appropriate reserve level for the project?

Currently project money is mainly used for hardware (most of it is
donated though) and travel reimbursement.

So there are almost no recurring expenditures. Worst case there would be
a fast need of some thousands, so the reserve level needed is quite low.

>     2 - How should funds above that level be allocated?

I think it could be spent more on organising meetings and maybe some
clear instructions should be prepared to make that easier.

Meeting people in person improves communication, makes it easier to work
together even when only meeting online afterwards, ... so I think it
should be the top priority for money expenditures.



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