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Re: Question for all candidates about http://wiki.debian.org/DiscussionsAfterLenny

On Wed, Mar 11, 2009 at 10:13:30AM +0900, Charles Plessy wrote:
> thank you very much for the time and efforts you are proposing to
> dedicate to the Project !

Hi Charles, thanks for your question.

> Our Consitution suggests a stronger leadership of the DPL the
> discussions:
> Given how heated discussions can become in Debian, it seems that
> many previous Leaders have chosen to have a cooling role rather than
> a conducting role.  Nevertheless, how do you intend to act in the
> context of this 5.1.9 article if you are elected ? In particular,
> there is already a long list of subjects on the Wiki. Can you
> comment about it ?

I concur with constitution that the DPL should "lead discussions", it
is one of the main topics of my platform [1]. The question is of
course what does "lead discussions" means. I don't think the DPL
should post in every thread or something such, we are mature enough
for not needing that, no matter how heated our discussions can become.
When discussions are not broken, do not attempt to fix them (note that
nowadays this is often the case).

The DPL should nonetheless have a notion of "agenda", i.e., a list of
important topics that the project should consider in a given time
frame. The page you mentioned, cited in [1], proves that at least some
of us feel we need that. As the DPL ("if" as usual ...), I will ensure
topics of the agenda do not remain unaddressed. While I cannot
_guarantee_ that issues get solved, I will try to ensure they get
_faced_ by raising dormant topics on the appropriate lists when I see

When a discussion get "broken"---or too "heated" in your word---the
DPL should have a cooling role. There is nothing wrong with that and
we should probably give it a change more often. The cooling role can
be exercised in various ways, e.g.: posting à la position statement,
mailing privately individuals, or even, in extreme cases, proposing
constraining post measures to list masters (as we did in the past). I
intend to apply these devices as I see fit. I will also encourage
seeking the DPL opinion for specific topics when contributors feel it
is needed.

Shout if you rather wanted specific comments on some of the topics
currently listed on the wiki.


[1] http://www.debian.org/vote/2009/platforms/zack#sec:dpl-project

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