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Re: DPL Debates [Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2009]

On Mon, 09 Mar 2009, Joerg Jaspert wrote:
> >> If someone can't set up a poll, I'll send another message asking for
> >> DDs to privately mail me (or maybe me-too to -vote) if they find the
> >> debates useful.
> > http://doodle.com/nmpesn9t5fwv6ewe
> Having this run for 7 days now, we had 72 participants.
> The question asked was
> "Are the Debian DPL IRC Debates useful and should we keep them?"
> and people could chose
> "Yes", "No", "I don't care, never looked at one."
> and we have
> Yes             34
> No              32
> Don't care      12

Based on these results, my own personal thoughts, and some brief
discussion with the candidates, I'm leaning heavily towards not
expending the effort on a debate this time around.

I think much more could be gained from good discussions about the
platforms here in -vote, and followups with the candidates on IRC
(Sledge [Steve] and zack [Stefano] are highly active on IRC) than the
debate itself.

Also, since Stefano and Steve are in similar timezones, odds are good
that you all can get them to engage each other on #debian-devel on an
ad-hoc basis about the specific questions that bother you
specifically, without having to wait for the rigamarole of an IRC

Don Armstrong

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