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Re: DPL Debates [Re: Debian Project Leader Election 2009]

>> If someone can't set up a poll, I'll send another message asking for
>> DDs to privately mail me (or maybe me-too to -vote) if they find the
>> debates useful.
> http://doodle.com/nmpesn9t5fwv6ewe

Having this run for 7 days now, we had 72 participants.

The question asked was
"Are the Debian DPL IRC Debates useful and should we keep them?"
and people could chose
"Yes", "No", "I don't care, never looked at one."

and we have

Yes             34
No              32
Don't care      12

>From that one can chose Yes as a final winning option, but it is a very
tiny margin. And some people did select Yes and No together.

bye, Joerg
> But i don't think that we talk a lot, as far as i can see, you live in
> the USA.
Australia. Only minor details like timezone and hemisphere but pretty
much the same. TZ is UTC+10 

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