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Re: Results of the Lenny release GR

Robert Millan writes ("Re: Results of the Lenny release GR"):
> Actually, I accept the outcome of the last vote.  I don't like that we made
> an exception for firmware, but the developers chose to make one so there's no
> point in arguing about it.
> On the other hand, it appears that the Secretary, the DPL and the
> Release Team don't like that we made an exception ONLY for firmware.
> As per your reply I will assume you're also in that list.

Are you able to see further than the end of your own nose ?

Given the results of the ballots so far, what do you think would be
the result of a vote to make an exception for the things you are now
complaining about ?  The answer of course is that once again they
would decide against you.  Similar results have been had in all the
previous GRs.

The point of voting is not just to decide on exactly the issue at
hand.  We're not supposed to vote on everything.  Normal functional
people are able to see when they are beaten and stop fighting, and a
vote amongst the whole project is (or should be) the clearest way to
demonstrate to someone that they are beaten.

If you can't spot when you've lost a battle then we need to get rid of


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