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Re: Results of the Lenny release GR

----- "Kalle Kivimaa" wrote:
> Umm, why shouldn't Bdale have his opinion about the results? Nowhere
> does it say that the (acting) Secretary is the authority to
> interprete GR results (that's not interpreting the Constitution).
> The people who do the interpretation are obviously the release team,
> with the DPL being the potential sanity checker.

It is clear enough that, recently, Manoj was the "roadblock" to release because he was the primary consitutionally empowered person that was pushing us to honor the Social Contract, honor the consitution and its majority requirements and generally follow procedure. Now that Bdale is the acting Secretary there should be no further resistance to releasing Lenny. I think you will find that Bdale's intrepretation is going to stick. Just a hunch on my part but I'm a gambling man.

Do not take this as an _expression_ of distaste on my part. There are no "enemies" here, just people disagreeing passionately. Passion is good, we just need to channel it properly.

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