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Re: First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

Thank your for an excellent and insightful analysis.  I wish
to touch on just one point:

On Thu January 1 2009 06:44:24 Antti-Juhani Kaijanaho wrote:
> What we need is an oracle that says: "this is the correct interpretation of
> the Constitution".  The oracle needs to be respected by both of us so that
> we could agree, in advance, to yield to the oracle's decision whichever of
> us it favors.

There is such an oracle - the Secretary - and every DD has
given his or her word to abide by the Constitution and
therefore to abide the decisions of the Secretary.

The problem was that a small number of powerful DDs held
Debian hostage by threatening to break their given word
and not abide by the Secretary's decisions.  To make matters
worse, these few did not raise most of their concerns during
the discussion period but instead waited until the vote was
in progress - an extraordinarily divisive tactic.

The unfortunate outcome is the loss of Manoj's services as
Secretary.  Manoj has been a remarkably astute and unbiased
delegate and an invaluable asset to the Debian project.

Most active DDs have strong opinions and it not easy to set
one's own opinion aside and rule impartially as Manoj has so
consistently done.  Manoj's secretarial shoes will not be easy
to fill.

I am a Debian user and advocate but not a DD.  Were I a DD
I would urge the DPL to re-appoint Manoj as the best possible
way to undo the harm done.

--Mike Bird

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