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Re: Request for ruling re. use of lenny-ignore tags by release team

I'm not replying to Mohammed as unfortunately I'm missing at least a few 
steps in his argumentation.

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Interpretation of resolutions is best left to those who are expected to
> implement them. 

I'd agree when it goes to implementation details. However, my request is 
more on a procedural issue, a "point of order" if you like.

Andreas Barth wrote:
> On which constitutional rules?

On the one that all project members are expected to respect the result of 
a General Resolution.
> The secretary can interpret the constitution as necessary, and around
> 87iqqn2q1m.fsf@windlord.stanford.edu we agreed that according to the
> constitution the DPL or the delegates are the ones to make the
> decisions. 

Eh? I see a discussion there between a limited number of people. I don't 
see any general agreement there. In fact, it is exactly that discussion 
and the continued insistence of the RT that they have the right to make 
this decision that prompted this formal request.

> The DPL has delegated an ongoing tasks to the Release Team. Of course
> the DPL could withdraw the ongoing delegation for the future, but
> according to constitution 5.1.1 the DPL may not revoke any decision done
> by the Release Team.

The question is whether the RT was right to make that decision in the 
first place, given a pre-existing explicit decision by the project as a 
whole that seems to contradict that.

If you want to escalate a single issue that far, that's fine by me. But 
I'd hope that a ruling by the DPL and/or acting Secretary on this would 
get a more reasonable response from the RT.

My suggestion would be to leave it to the DPL and acting Secretary 
themselves to decide whether or not they (jointly or separately) are 
qualified to express some opinion on this.


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