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Re: Request for ruling re. use of lenny-ignore tags by release team

* Frans Pop (elendil@planet.nl) [081223 01:44]:
> Given that the current status of the current "lenny firmware" vote is that 
> it will go forward, I would appreciate if the DPL and/or the Project 
> Secretary could rule on the following issue.

On which constitutional rules?

The secretary can interpret the constitution as necessary, and around
87iqqn2q1m.fsf@windlord.stanford.edu we agreed that according to the
constitution the DPL or the delegates are the ones to make the decisions.

The DPL has delegated an ongoing tasks to the Release Team. Of course the
DPL could withdraw the ongoing delegation for the future, but according to
constitution 5.1.1 the DPL may not revoke any decision done by the Release


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