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Re: gr_lenny vs gr_socialcontract

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Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         I suspect it would not be hard to create a non-free installer CD
>  that obviates the requirement of a separate USB key for remote
>  installs.

If (almost?) everyone will use non-free stuff anyway, why not just make
live more easy for everyone and include it on all the installer images.
People still have the freedom to buy freely supported hardware or to not
use non-free firmware.

>         To paraphrase: Those who give up essential freedoms for
>  temporary convenience and popularity deserve neither.

I don't think that any computer will be more 'free' whether some
non-free code is loaded on boot from hard disk (kernel firmware blob) or
whether the non-free code is loaded from ROM like the BIOS. IMHO, it
also does not contribute in any way to freedom to force users to load
the firmware blobs from a separate installation medium. Or to drive them
into buying hardware with on board ROM chips for the then still non-free

I don't understand the clout around the fight for removing the little
bits of non-free firmware for the network cards, while practically no
one is able to run his/her computer without much more non-free code
hidden in all the other places.

I really hope not to offend anyone with this opinion, it's just the less
than 2 cts worth of thought of a non-DD. ;-)


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