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Re: gr_lenny vs gr_socialcontract

On Thu, Dec 18 2008, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Hello world,
> I'd like to briefly suggest a different perspective on the issues at hand.
> Rather than looking at whether this will delay lenny or not, it might be
> more useful to just take a step back and work out what our principles are.
> FWIW, I think what should be done about lenny follows pretty obviously
> from that.
> I think there're four or five options that people might reasonably hold
> about the social contract:

>     2) the social contract should apply to everything Debian does, now and
>        in the future; _AND_ it is and was a mistake to have the DFSG
>        cover firmware because we have not yet been able to limit Debian to
>        only DFSG-free firmware in a suitable way

        For what it is worth, at work we had to install Lenny on
 machines which have the broadcom netextreme 2 ethernet cards (bnx2
 firmware needed). The netinst installer worked wonderfully, grabbing
 the firmware from a usb key loaded with non-free firmware. The
 installation was no more painful than usual, after we downloaded an iso
 and a tar.gz file, one to be burned on a CD, one to be installed on a
 usb stick.

        Putting firmware out of Debian proper, in this case, even for a
 network card, did not cause the sky to fall on my head.

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