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Re: First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

On Dec 18, 2008, at 8:51 AM, Teemu Likonen wrote:

Manoj Srivastava (2008-12-17 17:02 -0600) wrote:

       If there is sufficient support, we could also scrap the
current vote, change our ballot, add options to it, or something, and
restart the vote, but that would need a strong grass roots support (I
do not think the secretary has the power to do so).

I don't know if non-developers' opinions count but since from the
outside Debian seems to be pretty much an open community I'll voice my
opinion anyway.

I've been following the firmware and voting discussion very closely and I think that changing and restarting the vote would _definitely_ be the
right thing.

As another non-DD but active debian packager hoping to become a DD, I would also like to voice my support, in a grassroots style, for re- structuring the general resolution(s).


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