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Re: First call for votes for the Lenny release GR

* Ean Schuessler (ean@brainfood.com) [081217 14:53]:
> ----- "Steve Langasek" <vorlon@debian.org> wrote:
> > With the corollary, I think, that such 1:1 position statements are
> > non-binding; you can compel developers to a particular course of action with
> > a specific 1:1 vote, but you can't force developers to accept your
> > *interpretation* of the foundation documents that led to the override, short
> > of modifying the foundation document to include that interpretation.  But
> > such modifications definitely shouldn't happen without the express intent of
> > the proposer.
> Don't we need to take into consideration that the release managers'
> interpretation of the DFSG is the most binding one in the project?

Not necessarily. If ftp-masters' interpretation would be more strict, they
could remove software. 

Also, of course you are free to ask the DPL to replace the release team,
and/or to run an GR with the same effect. However, AFAICS, we even don't
have enough qualified candidates for that post when we ask for volunteers.
Which does indicate to me that the amount of work to be done is more than
the amount of power.

If you want to change our release goals, that's ok. Please contact the
release team at the known role account (though I cannot remember off-hand a
mail to the effect from you).

If you want to change the decision making process, that's fine either. Make
a new proposal, and if you get enough supporters, than I (and I hope
everybody) else accepts it (or leaves the project).

However: Until a new decision making process is decided by the developers
at large, the current one is the binding one. The consitution defines a
way how decisions are made in Debian currently. According to the
constitution, the decisions are done the way Steve explained.

If you can't accept the current constitution including the way how
decisions are made, and are unable to get the developers to agree on a new
one (within the current rules, i.e. 3:1-majority), then I'm afraid your
only way is to leave the project. (This part isn't meant personally at
anyone, but - that's the way projects are governed.)


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