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Re: The Unofficial (and Very Simple) Lenny GR: call for votes

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 09:35:44PM +0100, Adeodato Simó wrote:
> If more people do share your concerns, though, maybe abandoning the poll
> would be the right thing. If it's only you, I can't but offer all my
> explanations above, assert that they're true, and hope they can bring us
> somewhere.

I believe you have good intentions, but agree with Frans that this poll
only adds extra confusion to the issue.  For that reason, I am not
voting in it.  Also, I don't understand the point of ranking FD above
options you actually want in the official vote.

Especially if you want an option which requires a 3:1 majority, it seems
quite important to me that you vote it according to your preference.
I'm not really complaining, I'm only voting options 5 and 1 above FD, so
this "boycott" would help my preference.  But I think it would be a bad
idea to get things my way, if the developers don't actually want that.

So I ask everyone to just vote how they want things to go.  If you
don't, the only result is that things happen that you don't want.  If
you really do think that FD is better than any of the options, please
vote it highest.  But if you don't, boycotting the vote seems like a
very bad thing to do.

> One final thing: these two mails of you have brought a fair amount of
> stress on me, because of the way you say things. (Maybe you don't feel
> it's reasonable for me to feel stressed, but it's simply true that I
> was.)
> I have swallowed hard and replied calmly to them, because I believe
> developers, and particularly those holding key positions, should not
> ignore other developers, even if their concerns don't come in with a
> wrapping of sugar. (I don't want to ignore people in my Debian work, and
> if it ends up being impossible to deal with somebody, I'll clearly let
> them know.)
> However, the same way I've made an exercise and considered your views on
> actions of mine that I felt were right, I'm going to invite you make an
> exercise and consider what your style may bring onto other fellow
> developers (even if your points are right), because I know you've felt
> stressed with interactions with other developers yourself in the past,
> and it'd be bad to bring to others what you so much loathed.

I'm impressed by the way you handle this.  Thank you.


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