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Re: The Unofficial (and Very Simple) Lenny GR: call for votes

> If you feel disenchanted about how the Lenny GR has been handled and,
> in particular, with the resulting ballot and its 7 options, I invite
> you to participate in this unofficial vote and, optionally, to show
> your discontent by ranking "Further Discussion" above all other options
> in the official vote (see below about this). If you've voted already,
> you can recast your vote as usual.
> This is an unofficial vote, but at least it will be easy to vote in. If
> FD wins in the official one, and depending on the participation on
> both, it may also give us a good approximation about what the
> developers think with respect to releasing Lenny.

How does this help? The only effect of voting FD on the official vote is
to play into the hands of those who don't want any firmware support in

I agree that the official vote is a mess, but not voting according to your
real preferences in an official vote will only hurt you in the long run.

> [   ] Choice 1: Delay Lenny until known firmware issues are resolved
> [   ] Choice 2: Acknowledge the lenny-ignore tags as set by the release team

I don't like either of these choices. So what do I do now?

Main reason is that I don't think the RT has the right to decide whether or
not to release with firmware that is, according to current interpretations
of the DFSG, non-free. This is a decision that should be made by the project
as a whole because that is only thing that is consistent with the way the
question has been handled for Sarge and Etch, especially given the fact that
the resolutions passed then explicitly limit the exception to a single
I very much don't want option 2, but option 1 would mean sanctioning the RT,
which I very much also don't want to do. The official vote at least _does_
allow me to express my opinion.

IMO we _do_ need the current vote, only it should not have been contaminated
with the options re. the release team powers and re. source requirement for
firmware. Those issues should IMO have been handled as separate GRs _after_
the question what to do for Lenny had been settled.
Because of this I do reserve the right to complain about any interpretation
of the outcome of the official vote.

Thanks for increasing the mess we already have. I will personally ignore this
additional "vote" which suffers from the same problem as the "official" one,
namely that it is unacceptably colored by the person who is managing it.


P.S. My vote was: 4225213

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