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Re: call for seconds: on firmware (was: on firmware (possible proposal))

----- "Charles Plessy" <plessy@debian.org> wrote:

> can the secretaries state whether it is a supermajority option or
> not?
> If yes, how will we deal with it after it is voted? The GR will not be a
> foundation document but will rule over one. It will be hidden between many
> other GRs, which is in my opinion messy, especially if it happens multiple
> times: it will raise the entry barrier for people who want to understand
> Debian's principles.


I think that this GR would change the interpretation of a foundation document to the point of effectively rewriting it. SC #1 effectively becomes "Debian will remain 100% Free except for binaries make us difficult to install on commodity hardware". I started using Debian at a time where you practically had to hand pick a Linux compatible hardware setup and the PC world was literally 99% Windows (or OS/2) so these alterations and their motivations are a little hard to swallow.

I would rather see "Debian + non-free" ISO and install images for newbie users before a blanket acceptance of proprietary firmware. We could offer these disks as a service in addition to our "official" images that are completely Free. I realize that I haven't contributed to Debian enough lately to really complain about any of this but I still can't help being surprised. We should be running free ads for hardware vendors that offer pre-rolled Debian systems with no proprietary bits before we are doing any of this. 

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