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Re: on firmware (possible proposal)

Peter Palfrader wrote:
> I'm considering formally proposing this GR (option):

I'm certainly in favor of Debian going in this direction. Ideals are fine, 
but castrating the distribution for them is taking things to far. IMO we 
can still strife and work to have more source made available to the 
community without alienating users by making it needlessly hard to 
install Debian or find important pieces of software.

One comment on the proposed text.
> | Firmware is data that is uploaded to hardware components, not designed
> | to be run on the host CPU.  Often this firmware is already required at
> | install time in order to use network or storage devices.

"Firmware is data [...]"

This has been the source of much discussion in the past IIRC. In some 
cases it is true and firmware is merely some data tables with settings, 
but in many cases firmware is executed on some CPU in the device.

Would you consider s/data/software/ to avoid discussions on that point? 
For reading the DFSG the general viewpoint seems to be "anything that's 
not hardware is software".


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