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Re: DFSG violations in Lenny: new proposal

This one time, at band camp, Russ Allbery said:
> Stephen Gran <sgran@debian.org> writes:
> > This one time, at band camp, Russ Allbery said:
> >> I think it's fairly obvious that glibc meets the DFSG in practice, in
> >> that no one is ever going to attempt to apply the ambiguous and
> >> badly-written portions of the Sun RPC license in a way that might
> >> violate the DFSG.  It's certainly not an ideal situation, but on the
> >> spectrum of licensing issues that we might ignore it's not one that
> >> would keep me up at night.
> >
> > I'm personally not worried about the firmware issue, either, or at least
> > for the ones where the vendors intent is clear, even though the 'source'
> > (whatever that is or was) is missing.  Unredistributable object code is
> > unredistributable, and I don't think that's in question here.
> >
> > But maybe I'm misreading you - are you saying that you think it's also
> > fine for those bits of blobs, since the vendors pretty clearly wanted
> > them to be included in free projects?
> No, I'm saying that the Sun RPC code is a full source code release under a
> BSD-style license.  That the license is written poorly and buggily is not,
> in practice, much of an issue, since no one is going to enforce it in a
> non-free-software way.
> The situation is not at all comparable to firmware that doesn't include
> source code.  My point was not to say anything about firmware, simply to
> point out that the two cases are very different and one cannot easily
> reason about one from the other.

Then I suppose the best thing would be for you to downgrade the bug from
RC.  What I currently see is several RC bugs about DFSG issues, and lots
of people arguing that we need a GR to release with one set, but not for
the other.  Presumably it's too inconvenient to move the entire archive
to non-free.  If we're going to release a badly broken Lenny, we might
as well be consistent.
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