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Re: Call for seconds: post-Lenny enforceability of DFSG violations

This one time, at band camp, Robert Millan said:
> The position I'm trying to defend is very simple:  We have the Social
> Contract for a reason, it is our promise to the free software
> community.  And if the Release Team (or any team) feels we can't stand
> to our promises, and needs to override them somehow, this _must_ be
> done with the endorsement of the project, not because a few, chosen
> ones, decide it unilaterally.

Sorry, you have continued to miss the fundamental reality of the
situation.  The release team has nothing to do with non-free material
being in Debian - individual developers do.  When members of the glibc
team decide that it's better to upload a newer version of glibc to
Debian rather than abide by your interpretation of the Social Contract,
they are the ones responsible - there are no 'chosen ones' nefariously
at work here.

If you would propose a GR stating that no non-free material could be
uploaded to main, I would have more sympathy with your stance.  what you
are instead proposing is that individual developers have no
responsibility for the crap they upload, and somehow members of various
teams are instead supposed to baby sit all uploads and vette them.  You
do see how that's both nonsense and doomed to failure from the outset,
don't you?
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