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Re: Call for seconds - DAM decisions

On 02/11/08 at 22:34 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> The main question is: does the project think DAM should be allowed to 
> start implementing the proposal posted to d-d-a, or should the project as 
> a whole decide on the future direction of the NM process and related 
> processes. IMO that issue is addressed adequately in the open GR.

I agree with your statement of the "main question". But I'm
uncomfortable voting for a proposal that also says that we thank Joerg
(I'm not sure if this was originally intended as being sarcastic or
sincere, but it can be read both ways) or that says something about the
quality of the proposal that was made by Joerg. Several people have
raised the same concerns.

I'm fine with voting with only the current option on the ballot, but
that will probably translate in people abstaining because they don't
agree, neither with the only option, nor with FD (which is the de facto
"go ahead").
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