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Re: Call for seconds: DFSG violations in Lenny

* Robert Millan [Thu, 30 Oct 2008 18:29:20 +0100]:

> Hi,

> Here's a revised set of options with a number of changes relative to the first
> one:

>   - Added option 1 / point 2
>   - Remove confusing sentence from options 2,3 / point 4
>   - Replaced option 2 / point 2 (written by Manoj Srivastava)
>   - Simplify option 2 / point 4 not to assert that firmware must be in udebs
>     (suggested by Holger Levsen)
>   - Added "to the best of our knowledge" phrase to each option
>     (suggested by Peter Samuelson and Hubert Chathi)
>   - Typo fix (spotted by Frans Pop)

I think several things of this proposal. I'll mention some here:

> Option 1 (reaffirm the Social Contract)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

This has not been born out of the blue, this is proposed in the context
of disagreement with the release team with respect the use of
lenny-ignore tags.
As such, this option of your proposal should be reworded to clearly
indicate the fact that we'd be voting just a regular "overrule vote"
as reflected in the Constitution, nothing more.

I suggest "Overrule the Release Team in the handling of lenny-ignore
tags", and then a list of the affected bugs. If you think there should
be two options in the ballot, with two different set of bugs, then so be


> Option 2 (allow Lenny to release with proprietary firmware)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

> Option 3 (allow Lenny to release with DFSG violations)
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

If the (properly reworded) option #1 above does not pass, the status quo
is maintained: the release team preserves their ability to use
lenny-ignore tags, and none of this options are needed.

Unless somebody would dislike "Further discussion" implicitly implying
"Support the release team", and would like to propose an explicit option
for the latter.

(As I side note, I'll note that I don't think it's nice wording options
one is not going to vote for as their first choice: somebody who truly
believes in them should.)


Finally, if what you want challenged is the ability of the release team
to use lenny-ignore tags without GRs, then that's a separate discussion.

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