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Re: Possible amendment for Debian Contributors concept

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> I really dislike the negative tone of the original proposed resolution,

Me too.
Unfortunately this tone seems to be normal in Debian these days, which
is a shame.

> so I am thinking of proposing this as an alternative option.
> The text I'm thinking about is currently this:
> | The Debian Project recognizes that many contributors to the project are
> | not working withing established frameworks of Debian and thus are not
> | provided by the project with as much help as might be possible, useful
> | or required.
> | .
> | We thank Joerg Jaspert for exploring ideas on how to involve
> | contributors more closely with the project so that they can get both
> | recognition and the necessary tools to do their work.
> | .
> | We realize that the proposal posted to the debian-devel-announce
> | mailinglist is not yet finalized and may not have the support of a large
> | part of our community.  We invite the DAM to further develop his ideas
> | in close coordination with other members of the project, and to present
> | a new and improved proposal on the project's mailinglists in the future,
> | at least two weeks prior to any planned implementation.
> This is not a call for seconds yet, but a request for comments.
> So, any changes that should be made before it gets proposed, if it will?

I'd second it as it is.



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