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Re: Technical committee resolution

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>         This does somewhat resonate.  But the experiment where we
>  decided to hand over an issue to one member who took ownership of the
>  issue did not seem to have resulted in a very different outcome --
>  perhaps because we ultimately did come back to a  vote.

Which issue was that?

> > Which is why TC decisions can easily be ignored, and why
> > there's not much review of decisions.
>         I don;t understand why taking responsibility for decisions
>  results in higher reviews. I have taken decisions as secretary, and as
>  policy honcho before russ came on board, and I do not recall more of a
>  review. 

Well, just to pick an example, if the TC had chosen you to deal with the
wordpress-in-stable issue, and you had personally decided it needed to
be in stable, and had done whatever work was initially needed to get it
into stable with security support, you'd still be responsible for its
security now, and the several security holes it has now would be a
problem that you'd be aware of, and at least be worrying about if nothing
else. Or perhaps you might have made a different decision, such as
getting the newer, security-supported version into stable rather than
the old one, to cut down on the work you'd need to do later.

So less a review and more a continuing awareness of the conseqences of the
decisions, since you have to deal with them personally as they unfold.

(BTW, another thing I like is that "responsible for the security of
wordpress in etch" is a much smaller peice of power/resonsibility than
"responsible for deciding whether to override the security team".)

> > I suspect that such a pool of developers would be much less fun/more
> > work to serve on than the current TC, and would probably have a
> > naturally higher turnover. I think it would also be more satisfying,
> > and might attract valuable people who don't see the current TC as a
> > good use of their time.
>         For the record, I'd be willing to try this suggestion out on the
>  ctte.

Well I'm happy at least one person doesn't think it's a lame-brained
idea or too much to ask. I wasn't sure how it would be recieved.

see shy jo

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