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Re: Technical committee resolution

Josip Rodin writes ("Re: Technical committee resolution"):
> Instead, I would suggest to do two things - first, institute a better
> process, one that doesn't so much focus on intricate stalemates (like the
> present 6.2 does), but one that focuses on how to generally get things done
> - such as a mandatory timetable for *everything*, even a very lax one.
> And secondly, make the DPL the oversight and backup option, but for
> *everything*, so that nothing can fall through the cracks. Since the DPL
> represents the developer body, it's simply a just logical fallback.

I can see where you're coming from with this, but I'm afraid it won't
work.  DPLs have typically been reluctant to get involved in deciding
disputes - particularly messy ones that others have failed to tackle.


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