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Re: Q: Small tasks best on the fly? was: Q: All: Account creation latency

On Thursday 20 March 2008 07:33, Yves-Alexis Perez wrote:
> When you register to NM process, you're asked to check boxes if you
> agree to Social Contract etc. But those checks aren't really enough.
> What you have is to say (somewhere on a signed mail) that you agree.
> Currently only the AM receives the mail, and translate this in his AM
> report, using a signed mail. And we trust AM that the NM sure has agreed
> to DSFG, Social Contract, … It's still a good idea to have, at some
> point, the confirmation.

Exactly why is that a good idea?

The original signed mail is in the posession of the AM, the FD and the DAM. 
Could you point me to a point in the past where we really needed that signed 
mail but all of AM, FD and DAM for that DD were unable to produce it?

Suppose we had it posted to the mailinglist then, what exactly were we going 
to use it for? A court case against someone breaking the social contract 
they "signed"?

I would love to see some use cases before we introduce more hoops in any of 
our processes.


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