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Re: Q: All: Account creation latency

On 11327 March 1977, Pierre Habouzit wrote:

>> We need to break that logic. I would like to talk with James and try to
>> convince him to create accounts as they come. It's well known that small
>> task (when they take less than 5 minutes) are usually best done "on the
>> fly" instead of accumulating them. And if Joerg notices that accounts are
>> created quickly, it will also help him process them more regularly instead
>> of reviewing AM reports by batches.
>   FWIW Reviewing an AM report and an application is nothing near a small
> 5 minutes task. I believe it's rather 30 minutes of work per applicant
> if you do it seriously enough. Creating an account should though
> (meaning I don't know if it is, but I see no valid technical reasons for
> it not to be).

Depending on the quality of the report (which doesnt mean quality of AM
or NM, also amount of mails and quoting style the people use and
stuff like that), its between 30 and 60 minutes.

If one does a reject you can count at least 2 hours, as you then need to
write a good reason for it. And that shouldn't be a small task, ever.

bye, Joerg
<exa> There is no point in trying to fix bugs if I won't have an
      account. Sorry.

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