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Re: All Candidates: Do you plan to be prominently visible during your term?

Marc Haber wrote:

> What is your plan to ensure your ongoing visibility during your term?
> Do you plan to post regular "bits from the DPL", and which measures
> will you implement to prevent a failure similiar to the failures of
> your predecessors?

You seem to value visibility more than achievements... I'm not so sure I
would qualify a lack of visibility as a real failure, though I obviously
value achievements more :-) I think it's very important that candidate
DPLs have the intention to do better in communication, though I think
many people underestimate the time and efforts it takes to communicate...

Note also that visibility can also be very negatively or not at all
related to being a DPL...

I would rather rephrase the question to: What is your plan to ensure
ongoing communication about your (progress towards) DPL achievements?



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