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Re: Ideas about a GR to fix the DAM

On Sun, Nov 18, 2007 at 07:29:10AM +1000, Anthony Towns wrote:
> (As far as convincing James goes, jetring has the further problem
> that it's a bunch of perl and shell scripts; and he's a dead-set python
> addict these days -- but at least jetring's designed such that there's
> nothing stopping us from writing a compatible replacement in python)

Well, he'll conveniently cough up another show stopper then. He
doesn't want to be "helped", and as long as he is in power, he will
always find an excuse. Or he'll just be silent as usual.

> 	- having more people able to do each thing (eg, more DAMs,
> 	  or making it easier for multiple AMs or other DDs to help an
> 	  individual applicant progress)

This is something Mr. Troup has blocked numerous times in the past.
Most of these times he did that by not stating his requirements or
wishes. The usual Troup silence that we are used to. He simply doesn't


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