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Re: Debian Maintainers GR Proposal

On Thu, Jun 21, 2007 at 09:29:09PM +0100, Joey Hess wrote:
> Anthony Towns wrote:
> > Err, it doesn't seem ambiguous to me: it'll start this way and may change
> > later... If you'd like to suggest other wording, you're welcome to...
> If it's unambiguous, then the specification of what tools to use is
> pointless, since it can change at any time, and so again, I am not
> comfortable with a GR that micromanages how I do my work.

It's no more pointless than the setting of initial policies in the rest
of the proposal -- it avoids bikeshedding on how things shoudl start off,
and doesn't block changes later should there be a reason to make changes.

Presumably it'll start with *some* specific tools, what's the problem
with telling developers what those tools are before asking them to
endorse something?


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