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Re: Question to all the candidates: what mistakes have you made and what did you learn of it

On Fri, Mar 16, 2007, Sven Luther wrote:

>   1) Can you tell us a few of the most important mistakes you have made during
>   these past two years with regard to debian ?

   I am aware of no technical mistake that had important consequences and
was not quickly fixed.

   My obvious social mistake was my Etch release stress-o-meter; using
sarcasm to criticise the release process while not making it obvious
whether it was the release managers, the decisions or something else
that I was attacking was not wise.

>   2) What do you believe where the consequences of those mistakes ?

   At least one member of the release team said he reduced his
involvement because of it, and it will take time to make up with a few

   I'd like to stress that my postings brought me a lot of positive
reactions, encouragements and feedback of relief, yet I still think they
were a mistake. The only negative feedback I got was a message on IRC
from someone I did not know telling me it was not funny, and I stopped

>   3) What do you think in retrospect you would have done differently ?

   I don't know. Don't assume that I did not think about it at all, I
really contemplated a lot of options; my frustration towards dunc-tank
was such that at a time I even contemplated leaving the project. In
retrospect, I think there was nothing I could do that would not have
hurt Debian in some way, so doing nothing would probably have been
the best thing to do. At least my responsibility would have been less

>   4) What lessons did these mistakes teach you, and how will this affect
>   similar situations you will be facing as DPL if elected, or as normal DD if
>   not elected ?

   It'll really depend the situation; even similar situations are
likely to differ significantly. One sure thing is that I'll gather more
opinions from wiser people before doing anything.


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