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Re: ajt's anti-rebuttal

On Thu, Mar 15, 2007, Anthony Towns wrote:

> Sam thinks our BTS is "ugly and hardly usable" because of the wnpp
> pseudopackage.

   Uhm, there's no "because" here in my platform, it was just the most
prominent example that made it clear that packages with many bugs are
very difficult to manage through the BTS. Look at the openoffice.org
page, it is quite scary, and I'm sure that if you maintained a package
such as http://bugs.debian.org/%69f%75%70d%6f%77n you'd have trouble
choosing which bug to address first, too.

   Something I'd love to have (and I'm not saying that others should do
it, I'll work on it) is a minimal web interface with at least a form
that lets me add a comment and some basic controls to confirm bugs or
add/remove tags.


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