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Re: Debian Project Leader Elections 2007: Draft ballot

On Fri, 9 Mar 2007 17:08:05 -0700, Wesley J Landaker <wjl@icecavern.net> said: 

> On Friday 09 March 2007 16:18, Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>> Given that this election has a record number of options, making us
>> move to using Hex instead of decimal numbers for ranking,
>                            ^^^
>> coupled with the fact that I'll be out of town all of next week,
>> you are getting to see the draft ballot earlier this year than is
>> the norm.

> Hmmm, decimal would have been quite a bit more straightforward and
> required a lot less of an explanation.

        Frankly, if the explanation is too complex for the voter, I
 really don't want the vote.

> Of course, no big deal for me or for Debian Developers in general,

        Then this mail is just a pointless drive by criticism? At this
 point, I am somewhat inclined to ignore the rest of the mail until I
 can see some code.

> but I smell a kludge.

        Which, in turn, tells me you have no idea of what you are
 talking about.

> I don't object to hex (although I dislike prefix-less hex notation
> quite a bit in general), but this looks like it was chosen just to
> avoid having to parse more than one digit or something. Or was this
> actually thoroughly thought out and chosen for a different reason?

> Along those lines, what are we going to do when/if we have more than
> 15 choices on a ballot? It's not an unthinkable situation. Would we
> not call it hex, but continue the alphabet to use G-Z? Or would we
> enter choice number 17 as 11?

        The last would be silly, and would lead us into the same
 representational changes devotee is trying to avoid.

        For those too lazy to look up the code, devotee actually works
 in Base36 now.

 getting irritated by the continuous, ongoing, unending, mindless
 criticisms that seem to be all that the developer body can
 generate. Whatever happened to providing code to demonstrate the
 worthiness of ones solution?
You will be dead within a year.
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