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Re: Questions to the candidates

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> Why do you think you will be a good DPL?

Because I have the vision of how Debian can maintain its former (and, to
lesser extend, current) importance in the free software movement. I am
also good at looking at a problem from multiple points of view and
communicating these points of view to other people.

For example, I tried hard to understand Ted Walter both online and when
meeting him at the Debconf. I agreed to live in the same room and talked
to him trying to understand his point of view. When it became clear that
his values are too different from the values of the most other peple in
our project, I spent around 4 hours to explain this to him in his
language. By the end he agreed that it would be best for all involved if
he would search for another free software project to contribute to. This
was just hours before expulsion. I believe that this my discussion with
him was key to his quiet departure.

> What you can for Debian as DPL that you can not do as a mere DD?

Guide Debian towards a more strategic view on the development of free

> What do you think of the current NM process?

I think that it is mostly adequate with few exceptions when people can
become lost in the queue. I feel that a wait of around one year is
essential to test the NM's long-term endurance that will be required of
him for long-term maintainership of his packages and for balansed
participation in the mailing lists.

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