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Re: Questions to the candidates

On 2/25/07, Ana Guerrero <ana@debian.org> wrote:
Hi, here my questions:

Why do you think you will be a good DPL?

I will work for and with the high skilled and motivated people in the
project, being sure that one time contributors won't be treated as
second class developers, if it will make me a good DPL, it will be a
side effect. I can't judge, but you will, i'm sure.

What you can for Debian as DPL that you can not do as a mere DD?

Besides what's written in our con

What do you think of the current NM process?

The NM tests are quite good, the process needs some tweaks though. In
terms of duration and how keep the NMs motivated to contribute and
feel part of Debian. Believe in me, i suffered the wait. :-)

-- stratus

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