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Re: Questions to the candidates

Gustavo Franco <stratus@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> - Sense of participation
> There is no community without a group of individuals participating and
> a better community is one where these individuals feel that they're
> part of the group.
> - Hard work
> There is no doubt that hard work can be done to intentionally make a
> community worse, but hard work usually makes a community better.
> - Good results
> Good results are interesting for the atmosphere, to bring more people
> in the community and stuff like that.
> - Hear Feedback
> That's good when those who aren't direct involved in the community
> feel that they're part, share this sense of participation with them
> listening their feedback makes a better community.
> The dunc-tank initiative give us the opportunity to exercise the four
> things i outlined above. [...]

Perhaps opportunity, but did it happen?

- Sense of participation - many DDs chose to reduce their participation
because they felt unvalued, some publicly, some quietly;

- Hard work - the reduced participation made more work hard work IMO;

- Good results - did we release?  Were any proper measurements taken?

- Hear feedback - and then ignore lots of it and take the process 
effectively 'out of reach' of the project.

So, how are we better than we were before dunc-tank?

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