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Hey *,

As per [0], here's my nomination for the DPL election...

FWIW, my thoughts on the "DPL team" concept is that the best way to select
members for the team pretty much matches the way we select a DPL -- have
folks list the things they think they can do to improve Debian over the
coming year, face review and criticism of those ideas and their ability
to implement it, and then poll developers to see what they think of the
candidates. At least, I thought knowing where Steve stood and having
seen what he's like when he's put under a bit of pressure was helpful
in working with him and trusting him over the past year; not to mention
knowing that a lot of developers respected his leadership qualities. 

I wanted to say that somewhere before nominations closed in case it
affected anyone's decision to nominate themselves. If you've got some
cool ideas to propose, or want to be on a DPL team, you might also like
to consider "pseudo-nominating" -- ie, posting a platform of what you'd
like to do while people are thinking about these things, without actually
formally volunteering for DPL.

Of course, at this point any further nominations will presumably overflow
devotee :)


[0] http://lists.debian.org/debian-vote/2006/02/msg00687.html

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