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Re: [GR] DD should be allowed to perform binary-only uploads

This one time, at band camp, Yaroslav Halchenko said:
> On Sun, 11 Feb 2007, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > ballombe has already found differences between an emulated environment
> > and a real cpu, where the test suite failed on qemu and passed on a real
> > cpu.  I have no confidence that it can't fail the other way.
> I am sorry - could you please refer to that case?

It was a mail to -devel, and I mispoke, it was aranym, not qemu, although
I don't think that invalidates the point.  I no longer have the msg id,
sorry, although it was a recent email, and should be easy enough to find.

> it is interesting to see if the problem doesn't lie in some obfuscated
> bug withing build tools. In my experience valgrind complains about so
> much of the code shipped, especially on non-i386 architectures
> obviously. Some incorrect memory read/write could successfully pass
> without segfaulting on real but fail on emulated machine, or vice
> versa - just a matter of luck. That would not invalidate build process
> on emulated box, imho I would even consider it another QA test more for
> the build tools involved than to QEMU ;)

It could certainly be a bug in the toolchain, or a bug in the emulator,
or a bug in the original source code.  I'm not really sure it matters,
though.  Increasing the likelihood of building bad binaries for little
gain doesn't seem like a good risk vs. gain assessment to me.
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