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Re: [GR] DD should be allowed to perform binary-only uploads

On Fri, 9 Feb 2007 18:16:38 -0700, Wesley J Landaker <wjl@icecavern.net> said: 

> On Friday 09 February 2007 17:02, Stephen Gran wrote:
>> I am sure qemu is very good at what it does, but I do not have
>> faith that it can stand in for a real CPU in all the corner cases.
>> If Aurelien builds a java package that had previously FTBFS'd, do
>> we have any guarantee that it will build natively?  How is the
>> security team supposed to support that?

> On the other hand, I can *currently* upload my own packages as
> src+bin with a binary I built inside qemu and no one would ever be
> the wiser.

        There is one distinction: You are responsible for any bugs on
 your package if your qemu setup is screwed up.  However, a buildd
 operator using qemu is not responsible for bugs filed on the packages
 created on his set up -- He is not performing an NMU.

        When I upload a package, either mine, or an NMU, I have to
 stay engaged -- watch all new bugs, and perhaps re-NMU as needed.  My
 ass is in the sling.

        Does the buildd operator take similar responsibility for all
 the packages he uploads?  If not, the cases are not similar.

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